Who are we

Who we are and what we do.

Who are we

Best Friends is a small business providing your much loved dog with the exercise, integration and socialisation that our canine friends crave so much. As a natural pack animal, dogs posess the in bred instinct to hunt, although we call it a walk! Having been brought up around dogs from a young age from Siberian Huskies to Cocker Spaniels, I am a self confessed dog lover and through the years I have gained the knowledge and understanding needed to raise and care for mans best friend. A tired dog is not only a happy one but a well behaved one and if I can get up in the morning and look forward to my 'job' then that must be a positive start to the day! I will aim to provide your best friend with the personal care that I would give my own. I hope to build a good, trusting relationship not only with your much loved pet but with you as a valued customer, our dogs are our family.    

Our Services

Your pooch will be collected from your home and accompanied by a maximum of 4 other canine friends on a countryside walk then delivered back to the comfort of their own bed for a snooze.

Daycare service
This service is tailor made to suit individual needs however, your pooch will remain in our care, have a minimum of two pack walks and have company for the majority of the day.

Boarding service
We will invite your best friend into our home to be a member of the family whilst you are away.  You can relax knowing they are being well taken care of, having plenty of exercise and company.